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Reactions and comments from our previous Forums.
"M&I Forums has been a key event in getting to know some really important people as we expand our business throughout mainland Europe. Definitely worth leaving the office for!"

Sarah Tweddle

Hospitality Guaranteed - UK

"I met some of very valuable suppliers and made new friends in the industry. This was a fantastic opportunity for us to build on and I look forward to attending the next one."

Gina Arquette

Demarse Meetings & Events - USA

"The balance of meetings and events is perfect for meeting and getting to know people, plus I've really got to know the destination. I love this concept and I can't wait for the next one."

Juraj Pardubsky

FAVEO - Slovakia

"I'm so impressed by the quality of the suppliers, buyers and the destination. The mixture of business information, international networking and destination discovery was perfect and I really got to know what this destination can offer to my clients."

Petra Klier

peerevents - Germany

"This Forum was absolutely worth leaving the office for. The slick organisation of the activities made them extremely productive and the meetings have been consistently superb."

Sigrid Herzog

DFKI - Germany

"My meetings have been brilliant, focused on excellent and sometimes unusual suppliers. Everything ran extremely smoothly and I discovered some fantastic venues first-hand."

Brigitte Grenet

Sembat Voyages - France

"It was fantastic to meet such valued suppliers and the best colleagues from all over Europe. The whole event felt like a celebration - I can't wait for the next one!"

Andreas Ipeku

T&T Executive - Greece

"The meetings have been so productive and I've still been able to get plenty done in between. Choosing who you want to meet is great - it means I only meet with the right people for my business."

Erik Mortvedt

CUMA - Norway

Charlotte Falzone

"This is so much better than IMEX or EIBTM. I really remember who I've met because it's far more intimate. Working in this industry, we're rarely surprised by events, but everything at this Forum has given me inspiration and new ideas.” Charlotte Falzone Agence Carrément - France

"I like M&I Forums because of the intimate format and the relationships you create. The events are intense but you get to meet a lot of new contacts."

Kristof Downer

Capita Travel and Events - UK

"The standard of exhibitors and everything during the Forum is top notch! I had a lot of relevant appointments and I prefer this format to other trade shows."

Carole Hinks

Access Bookings - UK

"M&I Forums are an excellent way of meeting relevant suppliers for an initial introduction and looking for new venues."

Simon Richards

Convenus - UK

"I have actively chosen M&I Forums over EIBTM in order to avoid the large-scale format and go for something more intimate. The atmosphere is very friendly, helps networking and allows you to break the ice."

Virginia Groen

Subway international - The Netherlands

"I consider the time spent not only very useful but also enjoyable. I am sure that the contacts I've made and the information I have gathered are going to be useful for the success of my company. Moreover, I want to note the high level of organisation of the event, the friendship, the kindness, and the attention of each team member."

Tatyana Efimova

Balma Tours - Russia

"The meetings are very good - I got to meet a lot of people and the organisation was one of the best I have seen in a long while."

Lindsay Jameson

Group Se7en Events - UK

"Terrific staff as always - so pleasant, to even the most demanding!"

Eunice McCarthy

Finders for Venues - UK

"M&I Forums are a great way to get in touch with reliable partners in business."

Krzysztof Kolacz

Mac Tour - Poland

"I have been attending since 2007 and I have seen the Forums get better every time. Bravo!"

Christine Cain

Access United - France

"M&I Forum distinguishes itself from EIBTM and IMEX with its well targeted one-to-one meeting sessions and lots of efficient and productive networking activities. This year I was very impressed with the new Forum app: great tool and easy to use, congrats!"

Raphaele Brichet

FIND'R - France

"The Forum gave me a chance to connect with a lot of suppliers that I work with but hadn't met before. It definitely helps to have the connection, to know the right person. It makes a big difference with the negotiation."

Shaheen Mehmood Vagher

Frosch- USA

"I have attended several Forums before and they are always very well organised. M&I Forums does a great job of finding qualified delegates with experience. The networking activities give you the opportunity to meet with suppliers you might not have met otherwise."

John Crowe

Metracon - Canada

"I enjoyed M&I Forums for the fact it was more personal and professional and we had a chance to really interact with the vendors. It is a quality show where you don't spend time visiting huge booths. I do recommend M&I Forums for those who are serious about getting to know the vendors and not just out for a good time, this is truly a business event."

Gregorio Palomino

CRE8AD8 Event Marketing Agency - United States

"The meetings are intimate, efficient and of high quality. I can get the most out of the meetings and networking sessions in just three days. It is mostly business, but M&I Forums are also about having fun! Also, the Forum app is great!"

Yvonne Kers-de Buijzer

Traventive - The Netherlands

"I was very pleased with the Forum experience. As a PCO, I see these kinds of events through critical eyes and I wasn't disappointed - punctual, high quality and rewarding."

Wolfgang A. Schratter

Loevens Marketing - Brazil

"Each time I attend a Forum, I'm impressed with how professionally organised they are. Fast replies, great customer service and organisation - from the very first contact until the end of the event."

Jane Berg Wildenrath

The Mice Agency - Denmark

"Great organisation and spectacular system of appointments timed. Congratulations to your staff, so warm and professional!"

Federico Martinez

T.I.M.E. Travel Incentives Meeting & Events - Argentina

"Trade shows like Confec Blue or the big exhibitions have absolutely no value for me as a buyer. At M&I Forums, I have direct contacts and I can build stronger relationships with my future partners/suppliers."

Judith Rousseau

Orange business Services - France

"I find attending M&I Forums much more time-effective than other trade shows, as they are extremely well organised and they manage to mix business with pleasure very well."

Petra de Goede

TP Vision/ Philips TVs - The Netherlands

"The meetings are always relevant thanks to the appointment selection software which is very precise. I wouldn't make time for any other show, for me there is only M&I Forums."

Diane Tries

Eurojuris International - Belgium

"When I come to M&I Forums I know my time - and therefore my company's investment - is going to be well spent. You meet a lot of suppliers in a very time effective manner. The meetings suit my needs and open doors to deepen the relationship at a later stage -during the networking opportunities for example."

Jeroen Duiker

BCD M&I - The Netherlands

"This is one of the best trade shows! Excellent level of suppliers."

Christa Nohe

VCN - Germany

"M&I Forums are very well organised and managed. I would recommend it to anyone in the MICE business."

Sacha Otten

Helmsbriscoe - Belgium

"This is so much better than large trade shows! The relationship you build is more personalised and you get to know the exhibitor better."

Marina Chinanurakchart

Meeting and Convention Planner Ltd - Thailand

"Time is money! Meeting & Incentive Forums' perfect synchronisation of the different appointments, events, meals, transfers, etc. gives the old adage its full meaning."

Benoit Thieffry

Ad Hoc Travel - Belgium

"Beyond the business side, M&I Forums organise team-building activities which benefit the local community. I think this is great to incorporate business with charity opportunities."

Pamela Perkins

Glencore - USA

"A big thank you for all your hard work making this Forum such a success! I managed to make some good new contacts with interesting hotels for my clients plus renew relationships with previous acquaintances."

Oriel Mitchell

Global Cynergies - France

"The meetings and the quality of the suppliers are excellent - It's exactly what I am looking for!"

Pier Michael Togni

BokningsBolaget - Sweden

"I enjoyed the hospitality and found great suppliers and networking opportunities. I hope to attend in future and I have already placed my first booking to one of the exhibitors."

Oliver Martínez

Cutting Edge Events - Spain

"I am very impressed with the standard of M&I Forums. I had a very fruitful agenda which I am positive will help both our Meetings & Events department and our Business Travel department. Excellent work!"

Christina Luthi

HRG Greece

Anouk Kreek

"It is one of the best forums in the industry because it is a great way to meet with many suppliers in a short period of time and learn more about a destination."

Anouk Kreek Nike European Operations - The Netherlands
"M&I Forums are a great opportunity to meet new suppliers, get interesting offers, and expand my business."

Katarzyna Borowiec

Euro-Consult - Poland

"When everything goes smoothly you can forget the hard work behind it, but I know what it means to organise events and how important it is to take care of every single detail. All the buyers and suppliers I talked to were amazed at the impeccable organisation of the Forum. The M&I Forum team clearly works hard for their events, and it shows!"

Giulia Ghelli

Tourist Trend sas - Italy

"I am skipping IMEX and EIBTM for this - M&I Forums are better!"

Jeroen Buyink

Eximo - Netherlands

"I've been to this type of event before and I must say M&I Forums are fantastically organised- very friendly team, great job!"

Maite Muamba

Albermarle - Belgium

"I am sincerely thinking about not going to the IMEX next year and coming to another M&I Forum- it is much more efficient and time saving."

Betty Meyer

F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, Switzerland