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"This is so much better than IMEX or EIBTM. I really remember who I've met because it's far more intimate. Working in this industry, we're rarely surprised by events, but everything at this Forum has given me inspiration and new ideas.” Charlotte Falzone Agence Carrément - France

"m&i distinguishes itself from IBTM and IMEX with its well targeted one-to-one meeting sessions and lots of efficient and productive networking activities. This year I was very impressed with the new Forum app: great tool and easy to use, congrats!"

Raphaele Brichet

FIND'R - France

"I am skipping IMEX and IBTM for this - m&i is better!"

Jeroen Buyink

Eximo - Netherlands

"I like m&i because of the intimate format and the relationships you create. The events are intense but you get to meet a lot of new contacts."

Kristof Downer

Capita Travel and Events - UK

"I'm so impressed by the quality of the suppliers, buyers and the destination. The mixture of business information, international networking and destination discovery was perfect and I really got to know what this destination can offer to my clients."

Petra Klier

peerevents – Germany

"I am sincerely thinking about not going to the IMEX next year and coming to another m&i it is much more efficient and time saving."

Betty Meyer

F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, Switzerland

"It is one of the best forums in the industry because it is a great way to meet with many suppliers in a short period of time and learn more about a destination."

Anouk Kreek

Nike European Operations - The Netherlands

“I had a fantastic experience with my first m&i. Not only did I make ton of great connections, but I also hugely enjoyed all the staff and experiences that we were able to be part of. Thank you so much for the invitation. I look forward to more in the future.” Misty Macias eBay for Business

"Time is money! m&i perfect synchronisation of the different appointments, events, meals, transfers, etc. gives the old adage its full meaning."

Benoit Thieffry

Ad Hoc Travel - Belgium

“A marvellous event. I made a lot of contacts and I am looking forward to working with some of the suppliers I have met.”

Stella Dontenville

Congress & Meeting Solutions

“Perfect organization, perfect team, perfect event”

Frederic Andria


"The attention to detail in the planning was like a military operation. The quality of hotels, food, venues, meetings and the potential business that we will receive going forward - all in under 72 hours - made this Forum the most beneficial business development project we have ever been involved in. Hopefully we can get invited and participate in more going forward. "

Paul Slevin

Rhodes Island

“I think the m&i is a great platform for networking and gathering of information and ideas. An excellent way to discover a destination and make connections for your business! Thank you very much for having allowed me to participate.”

Bea Melchior


“The m&i was very well organised in excellent venues and I felt by using 2 venues we had a great experience of both, the whole event felt professional and relaxed a great way to educate and network.”

Louise Holgate


“Still one of the best supplier / buyer events in the industry. Gives an excellent balance of networking and one to one meetings with quality and relevant suppliers.” Darren Cox BCD M&E

“I was impressed by the high quality of meetings/suppliers and the organisation compared to other events I have been to.”

Line Bendixen


“m&i host fantastic events that allow buyers and suppliers the perfect showcase to meet and socialise. This strengthens the relationships for the long term and leaves all that attend feeling satisfied that their time has been more than well spent.”

Andy Hammond

Elite Event Connections Ltd.

“Another magnificently organised event. Great content, immaculate meetings and kind, generous and caring hosts”

Brian Morris

Crescent Associates

“Very good organisation, excellent choice of providers, outstanding hotels for the venues and very interesting destinations - thank you! “

Christine Wolf

altamedia GmbH

“It was an excellent experience for me; I had many fruitful meetings and went home with a clear overview of possibilities, people I want to follow up with, references I want to make. Very well structured and organised into detail. Big compliments!”

Mireille Swakhoven

International Pharmaceutical Federation

“The whole event was functional, practical and enjoyable I would love to have the opportunity to attend another. The information is invaluable and really easy to share to my team members.”

Jayne Swift

Capita Travel and Events

“Great experience, brilliant organisation and tons of networking opportunities condensed in a short & well-spent time.” Anna-Lisa Mocciolella Tipik

“The m&i in Abu Dhabi was an amazing network event. The quality of the suppliers was very high and the organisation of the forum was excellent. This was a very useful opportunity for me and offered the perfect balance between meetings and network activities.”

Lieve Daniels

Imagine Travel

“m&i have been an essential part of my calendar since 2015. Every Forum I attend never fails to bring me something new. Regardless of whether you see old friends and meet new ones, the Forums always provide a great atmosphere for doing business and forging relationships”

Vincent Soriano

Art Of Travel

“The best networking event in the industry”

Silvia Botz

SilVision Brand Communication

"I'm so impressed by the quality of the suppliers, buyers and the destination. The mixture of business information, international networking and destination discovery was perfect and I really got to know what this destination can offer to my clients."

Petra Klier

peerevents – Germany

"This Forum was absolutely worth leaving the office for. The slick organisation of the activities made them extremely productive and the meetings have been consistently superb."

Sigrid Herzog

DFKI – Germany

"My meetings have been brilliant, focused on excellent and sometimes unusual suppliers. Everything ran extremely smoothly and I discovered some fantastic venues first-hand."

Brigitte Grenet

Sembat Voyages – France

“Quite simply, m&i are the best way for me to combine business and destination discovery.” Clotilde Auphan Lodge Attitude

"What a fantastic event! It was the perfect mix of meetings, social time and exploration of a fantastic destination. The intimate format was ideal for developing long lasting relationships that I know will be invaluable for myself and my company for years to come! Cheers!"

Kelly Gallagher

Canvas Meetings & Events