Tour de MICE Terms & Conditions

By signing up to the cycling event above you're agreeing to the following:

All participants enter the cycling event at their own risk. Worldwide Events is, therefore, under no liability in contract, negligence, or otherwise for any matter occurring during the event.

  1. All times during the Event you must adhere to all instructions given by Worldwide Events staff, Team Factory/Insuite DMC and the Official partners.
  2. You are not permitted to use the following items in the Event:
    1. any artificial or mechanical aid,
    2. any unconventional handlebars, including, without limitation, triathlon bars, aero bars, clip-ons, prayer bars, Spinaci bars and cow bars;
    3. use of mobile phones while cycling. You must pull to the roadside and stop if you wish to make/receive a phone call; or
    4. any other item that could potentially inhibit the flow or safety of other participants or which we, in our reasonable opinion, deem may cause danger or risk of danger to you or other participants.
  3. You warrant to Worldwide Events that you will be on the Event Date, sufficiently fit and healthy to participate in the Event unaided.
  4. The wearing of helmets throughout the Event is compulsory and must be fastened properly at all times when cycling.
  5. Rider Safety Captains are there to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable ride. Please follow their instructions at all times.
  6. Photographs may be taken during the event which may be used to publicise future events and the work of the charity in general.
  7. You confirm that you have organised personal insurance for participating in cycling activities and are covered in case of injury
  8. In no event shall we be liable to you whether for breach of contract, any tortious act or omission (including, without limitation, negligence) or otherwise, under or in connection with the Agreement for any:
      loss or damage; loss of profit; loss of reputation; loss of business, revenue or goodwill;
    1. loss of anticipated savings;
    2. pledges made on your behalf or by you to charity; or
    3. consequential or indirect loss, regardless of whether the loss or damage:(a) would arise in the ordinary course of events;(b) is reasonably foreseeable; or(c) is in the contemplation of the parties, or otherwise.
  9. Nothing in this Agreement shall affect our liability for death or personal injury, fraud, or any other liability to the extent it cannot be excluded or limited by law.
  10. Worldwide Events must be informed as soon as possible in case of an injury or any other reason, which leaves you unable to take part in the cycling